The Possession of Woe

For nearly three weeks I painted nothing. I sketched nothing. My paints, pens, inks, brushes and canvases sat without purpose as I struggled with an emotional issue that closed me off from everything. I knew I needed to paint but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t but it was suggested to me to start small, take baby steps. I tried that but then something happened, my emotional levee broke.

Images of what swirled in my head were put on canvas. Symbols indicating lack of sight, lack of understanding, anger, frustration and being half informed came to fruition in two painting sessions. It took two painting sessions to drain the emotional level and let it spill on canvas.

In vibrant colors you will see youthful faces and large full bloom flowers that stand out in contrast to the tumultuous sky. There are twists and turns, ropes and leaves, a brick wall, hidden figures and a grounded black bird. Some eyes are closed and unseeing while others are wide open. What a relief to wash my mind clean and give renewed purpose to paint, pens and ink, brushes and canvas.

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Art title: The Possession of Woe
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
MEDIUM: Acrylic paint, Bic markers, block ink,
SIZE: 8 x 10 on canvas board

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