She’s Lost her Mind. One Day 45% off sale?

I have a surprise for you. I offered 35% off until February 28th but, what if I said that I’d do 45% off one item on March 3rd? This isn’t off the entire order like the 35% off sale, this is 45% off one item and for one day. Would that be okay with y’all?

Let’s discuss the details of this too good to be true, probably not gonna see deep cuts until she’s financially desperate again, sale.

Resilience Tree
Resilience Tree – available

Resilience Tree will remain at 35% off until the end of the month.

Snapshot – available

Snapshot is 35% off until the end of the month.

Oh but don’t be discouraged, most other items are 45% off Friday March 3rd. Where’s the art? It’s here in the Available Art galleries with payment through PayPal and most of the art listed in my Etsy shop. The below gallery included some of my destash items.

Is she crazy, you ask? Yes, but only for a day. After one day everything returns to the original affordable art prices, and I will resettle somewhere between madness and organized dysfunction.

MaryJane16 is the coupon code to use March 3rd. It can’t be used before or after that date *. Trust me, I’ll remind you.

(read this really fast like on commercials when they’re giving you the fine print) * International sales included. If you are unable to participate on these sale dates and need a payment arrangement please just use the email address on the sidebar so that we can include you. Please request your extension by February 28th. Remember, I asked for assistance with Mary Jane. I put the need out there, and my need has been filled. If you don’t ask then both sales will be missed.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.