So you have a room divider meant for family photos but you’d rather do something artsy with it, try filling the spaces with original art. In my room divider I’ve added such original works as the encaustic mixed media painting called “Fall Tree“. Beautiful blues are displayed acrylic painting in “Abstract Waves“. I’ve also showcased original watercolor paintings such as”Rich” and “Hush Be Still“.

Living room 2017

Can you spot “Bruised Reed II” or the painting “She Flows”?

Room Divider Art Display
Room Divider Art Display

I’ve fallen in love with “Blue Wonder” and “Altered #7” so I framed them until they find a permanent place to live. Also on the wall is “Landfall II” , “Purple Tree” and my favorite painting of all time, “Little White Dress.” Little White Dress is digital art created forever ago with my computer mouse.

The below gallery shows a few paintings up close. In a different entry I’ll discuss and show better images of the painting “Nesting Place,” a beautiful orange, gold and turquoise painting of birds and flowers. You can spot it here on top of “Nesting Place II” 

There’s another butterfly in the photos. They’re in every room, some of them are tiny little things made of this and that while others are fabric or encaustic. Yup, even the butterflies have had a taste of wax. I love encaustic and I’m having a total blast exploring various forms of abstract.

Infomercial time in ……3…2…1 and action…..
Hi, I’m Faith Austin, artist at SUNDRIP – Art for Life. Are you an art lover who would like to take home original work by a living artist? You can do so via PayPal or my Etsy account.

Mary Jane - Sundrip Studio CatTime is running out on art in the Abstract Originals category on Etsy. The 30% off sale ends this month. Use coupon code AbstractArt30 when buying from my Etsy shop or I can send you a PayPal invoice reflecting the 30% off. Just because you are awesome customers (and it’s only right) I return all international shipping above $1. .. Back to you Mary Jane.

Faith, how do you do it? (cue Donna Summers and drop that disco ball) She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey…. oh, oh… you better be treated right…

That’s right Mary Jane, we work hard here at Sundrip so that no art lover is left behind. When I’m not working I pretend to be a sunflower.

Pretending to be a flower

Faith and Jane

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