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While They’re Away. Sketches and Bible Reading Progress.

Progress in reading. Friends are away. I have no idea how it got to be 7:30 am without a wink of sleep, but it’s here and I’m wide awake. I can recount all I’ve done. I’ve been rather productive, it’s just that it doesn’t seem as though it should be so late. My closest friends […]

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Art Adoption: Young Joker

Art without a wall of its own is sad.  “Young Joker” waited a little bit for the right wall to come along and it did. Packaged ever so carefully, this special art piece will travel to its destiny via US Postal System. It’s a happy day when art gets adopted. “Young Joker” is a rainbow […]

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Fun with Scribbles and Watercolor

I started by drawing lines with my eyes closed, later I added watercolor. Title: Get the Tom Art by: Faith M. Austin Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Media: watercolor, ink Finish: unsealed, not mounted Style: Abstract You may ask yourself why the title is “Get the Tom.” Well, the answer is simple. I was watching a […]

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Room Divider Art Display and My Own Infomercial

So you have a room divider meant for family photos but you’d rather do something artsy with it, try filling the spaces with original art. In my room divider I’ve added such original works as the encaustic mixed media painting called “Fall Tree“. Beautiful blues are displayed acrylic painting in “Abstract Waves“. I’ve also showcased […]

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Dates to Remember

Mary Jane has her dental appointment Tuesday March 7th at 7:30 am. The Fang Fund 5% sale is still in effect until February 28th. Use FangFund16 at Etsy check out or request a PayPal invoice. March 3rd is the Crazy Sundrip sale giving 45% off one item on the majority of the items in my […]

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Hummingbird Abstract. Rich. Watercolor.

I‘m still working with different types of abstract. I did this while watching a video. I like the loose colors. I’ve also been working with my palette knives but I thought it best to work in gesso for texture then add color over it later if desired. I’ve got a full gallon on gesso which I […]

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My Blue Wonder

I’m loving every second of abstract art. This should be a fun year. My art goals for 2017 now show on my sidebar. Blue is a color I use quite often in my art and more recently turquoise has made it’s permanent mark. I’ve seen it so much that I’m beginning to think about its […]

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Quiet and Uneventful

Wednesday was quiet and uneventful which is exactly how I like it here where the sun drips. After a less than favorable awakening by Ms Kitty Extraordinaire, I played a few games of Swiped Gems Live and fell asleep. I got up a bit later and messed around with some Jade plants and a few […]

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Encaustic Rise – A Heart of Fire

Earlier in the day I said, “I have no reason to be awake.” Let me correct that please, and introduce what was done with the anger instead of internalizing it. A reason to be irritated was that, after turning my phone to do not disturb, I still got a call from Dr. Yes who wants […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Abstract Art Anxiety Art Art therapy Chronic Pain Expressionsim Originals Sketchbook diary Surreal The People Behind My Eyes

Escape My Skin. Art. Suicide

*** Disclaimer below . 7×10 art journal. Escape my skin, oil stick and ink I often feel defeated. I run from head, I run from my skin, always in fight or flight. Dove – pencil on paper, sketch 7×10 I will smile. I may crack a joke but behind these eyes is a woman who is […]