. .Focus and grow against all odds. These two pieces from my art therapy sketchbook shown two figures with a central eye directing them through life. Both have one large flower included in the painting and a very still background. “Version Two” shows much more activity with the sun on her shoulder and pools of water on her breasts. She, unlike “Version One” has a scar under breast and is holding a single red flower. She also has flowers above her head and blades of grass at her feet. I’d describe the two pieces as figurative and surreal.

.“Snakes Scorpions and Mothers” is also an oil painting from my private art journal. It shows a mother holding her newborn as well as a snake around the mother’s neck.  With an out stretched hand she holds a golden egg. You’ll also see wheat, small and large flowers, a churning sky in the background and detailed home life in the wings of the mother.

“Mother of the World” also shows a mother holding her newborn. She’s standing in a field of fantasy flowers, swirls and colors that run into one another. Some of the colors were made to drip, run and bleed into one another for a raw yet strikingly chaotic atmosphere. You will notice that in addition to holding the child up right she has balanced growth and life in the other. Included in this painting are black flowers and a red crown above the mother’s head.

The art work above can be seen in my Etsy shop along side other original works of art. Please see my sidebar for the Etsy link.

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