A New Woman by F. Magdalene Austin *** SOLD *** **SOLD ** I began tearing the wall paper remnants from an old craft table when I thought, this would be fun to paint on, so I did. A New Woman is a romantic, abstract figurative painting with ethnic overtones. It is medium textured and has been painted on pulled, up-cycled wall paper. There are even tiny pieces of tape still stuck to 11 x 7  finished art piece.

The profile figure of a young woman stands in the midst of dripping paint, torn walls and gold. She is painted in turquoise and pink with flicks of color as accents.

What I enjoyed about doing this painting is putting all the tiny little drops, spills and smudges together to form something tangible. The wall paper was splattered with paint from various projects and stripped or cut from mounting other paintings. My new canvas had its own story and a full pallet before becoming A New Woman.

If you would like to purchase A New Woman to frame and display in your home please see my Etsy shop for further details. My Etsy shop link is on the sidebar along with contact information. At this time I will not offer prints of A New Woman, however, prints of other works can be found by clicking the Redbubble link.

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F. Magdalene Austin

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