I had no idea there would be a series of paintings called PTSD but there is. . .

In PTSD No3 there’s a river that flows from the sky right through the woman, past the eyes and forms the figures dress. The dress runs over the brick wall and simply stops. The paint on the brick wall has bits of stone mixed in making this piece multidimensional. I had to mix in a bit of stone with the sunflower painting because sunflowers in stone is significant to me. There are also tiny little details, layer upon layer of color and edge to edge movement which all comes together to form PTSD No3 Whisper.

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Faith M. Austin

One thought on “PTSD No3 Whisper

  1. I feel your love for color Faith. I also have this passion for color that explodes. I like bold and unapologetic, like sunflowers. That’s what your art tells me: unapologetic. Thank you existing Faith. You truly inspire me.

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