AshI know what I want from this painting but who knows how long it’ll take to reach the finish line.

24 x 36 on watercolor paper.

This young girl is made of ashes. She’s wearing a dress made of bits and pieces of this and that. There is burlap and there are wood shavings, colored paper and ink ‘spills’. In her arms she will carry a bouquet of red roses but not bright red. The young girl’s hair will change slightly. You can be sure I’ll pull the wolf (in the top right corner) out in more detail. He’s just a cloud formed above her. At this time there is only one raven in the sky and a few solar flares in the sky. The final question is, will she be for sale? I have no idea.

Lakrysta fmaYa know, earlier today I was updating my Redbubble shop (that’s where prints can be purchased). When I uploaded the painting called Lakrysta – Lady in the Stars I didn’t know what to say.

On this blog I’m willing to be more open about how I truly feel about the art I do, but on sites where the art is purchased I feel hesitant to speak. Lady in the Stars tears at my heart. I want to double over and hold my stomach, it hurts so deeply. There is grief and commotion. There are as many painful memories as there are stars in the heavens.ash d1

I wasn’t happy when I painted her. As a matter of fact I was in bed dealing with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I painted Lady in the Stars holding the paper up in the air above my head so I could see it. But I painted with a frenzy because what was in my head needed to get out. The painting called Ash hurts too, but not as deeply. It hurts enough that it has to be released so I can breathe again.


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