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Wild Things

Redbubble is currently offering free standard shipping to United States for all orders over US$40.00. As of 9/24/17 this offer is still available. The inspiration for the painting came from watching a movie where a famous D.H. Lawrence quote was spoken. “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop […]

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Nesting Place – Crown of Lights

Her beginnings are yet to be formed but from the brilliance of color one can tell she’ll be a beautiful bird. Art Title: Nesting Place – Crown of Lights Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Medium: Oil, ink, on heavy paper, Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches Finish: signed, unmounted Style: Abstract Expressionism, Modern I am still […]

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I keep looking at the color

I keep looking at the color in the new header on this blog and my Facebook page and I really like it. The art I sell isn’t the type of art I have displayed in the rooms of my home. I don’t like bright art in my home. I like earth tones, abstract landscapes or […]

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Redbubble Children’s Gallery

Redbubble is currently offering free standard shipping to United States for all orders over US$40.00. As of 9/24/17 this offer is still available. Here are a few of the images in the children’s gallery that you can take advantage of with the Redbubble free shipping promotion. Thank you for considering a Sundrip art piece for […]

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Still She Sleeps-The Girl Who Lost Her Bird

Wake her. I can’t wake her. A trance so simple to employ has held her captive these many years. Wake her. I can’t wake her. Smelling salts, the promise of every good apple, a song pleasant to the ears, a hand soft on her face. I have pledged my life to pour out water that […]


The Redbubble US Sale 1

Redbubble is currently offering free shipping to the United States for sales of $40 or more. If you see the word SOLD under the image it has to do with the original piece, not prints. Here is a quick glimpse of some of the times you’ll see my Redbubble. The link is also on the […]

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Inspiration for the painting ‘Father and Child’

The inspiration came from a photo of me with a kitten called Grace. We napped on the sofa together and a friend took a photo. That photo inspired the painting Father and Child. Sometimes art isn’t all that deep. It doesn’t come from a secret hurt or a wound without a cure. It’s just art, […]

African-American Rag Doll Originals Rag Doll

African American Art Doll. African Inspired Custom Order.

I remember saying I wasn’t going to do dolls anymore. I just couldn’t get into it the way I was. Something interesting happened though, a woman who purchased a doll from me in 2009 contacted me to ask if I still make dolls. She wanted the doll to look a certain way. At first I […]

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Sangria and Me

“Sangria” stands in my Etsy shop full of surrealism and color. The terracotta tone woman with blue hair thinks nothing of the raven that flew in the door. Why should she, after all, she’s got a house inside a house, evergreen trees shaped like arrows and large sunflowers coming from who knows where. The painting […]

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Priscilla Handmade African American Rag Doll and Sunflower

This is the very first item I am offering for the new year which really makes me smile.       SOLD This young lady is a handmade African American rag doll with a hand painted face and handmade clothes. She’s a lovely girl, a shelf sitter girl to be added to your collection. Although she […]