I got the apartment and move in Saturday! I already have the keys and lease.
I’m excited and a bit nervous, mostly excited. I have to figure out how to fit my stuff in this place. One thing I know is I’ll have a 55 gallon aquarium in there! Somehow, some way, that aquarium WILL fit. I’m going to split it in half, half bedroom, half art studio w tea bar. I’ll keep the doll collection in the bedroom area. I’m sure my little studio will feel like home in no time.

To save energy, I’m buying stuff from Amazon.com and Walmart.com. It’ll be easier that way. I’m thinking of having them deliver a much needed recline. And there’s the cutest bamboo shelf that will display my teas. I’m so excited about that.

In addition to moving, I’ve been painting my head off.

My sketchbook is full of art and art therapy….. at this point I believe for me, art is deeply healing and therapeutic. There’s a flood of artistic expression recorded primarily in watercolor like the one shown. As soon as I get the studio set up to scan,, I’ll update my etsy shop with new art. The good news is my shop is still active while waiting for updates. www.sundrip.etsy.com

Tomorrow I go to the doctor to get fitted for the prosthetics. We’ll see how it goes.

For the apartment I’m getting something extra special for my wall. It’s a decal Scripture that says:
Do not be afraid, for I am with you.
Do not be anxious, for I am your God.
I will fortify you, yes, I will help you,
I will really hold on to you with my right hand of righteousness.’ Isaiah 41:10


4 thoughts on “Saturday is moving day

  1. I’m so glad things are “moving” along for you! It’s always exciting to move into a new place and fix it up just the way you like. I especially like the idea of that bamboo shelf for your teas, and the wall Scripture. Yep, sooner or later you’re gonna have to post some photos.

  2. What great news that you can move in so soon. We actually in many ways found that art therapy helped more than simply talk therapy did.

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