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Apartment. Body. Mind.

There are a few choices to be made including what apartment I’ll live in June 2017. May 5th the Etsy store will close. I’ve got one custom doll to make then I’m done selling over there. I will purchase from there but no longer will I sell my art from there. I have a long […]

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Landfall Abstract Ocean Scene

This entry shows art two art pieces with a purpose. Rise, fall if I must. Stand to meet the challenge. What’s the challenge? I’ve got to get a hold of my stinking thinking. I have to change my outlook one single color at a time if necessary. While writing I felt a sense of urgency […]

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Making New Dimensions

Making New Dimensions is an abstract line drawing of a spinning propeller. The propeller creates impressions in a confirmed reality. In those impressions you may see wings of birds, flower petals, bridges and blue fish. I tend to add eyes to my art because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am always on guard, always aware of […]

Art Originals

Butterfly Embellishments

Ohhhh I’ve been having fun. I have dried leaves that I use in different art projects. The other day I decided to try to cut a butterfly out of the dried leave. It worked!! Then I began cutting butterflies out of what I like to call, art gone wrong. It’s the art piece that didn’t […]

Life is like a box of The People Behind My Eyes

Run Forest, Run

These are the shoes that started it all.  OMG!!! I was the black version of Forest Gump. These days it’s compression socks and knock off Birkenstock clogs.

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Heather – Greed and Mercy

Heather, I realized my comment on your post was soooo long that I thought I’d write the entry then go ahead and link back to you. The entry is called Something Different. It can be found on the blog by HA! called Alley Vision. Please visit her, you will not regret it. The first time […]

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Heather – Greed. Weed. Medical Cache

DISCLAIMER: This is gentle reminder to take care of yourself properly and do not read blogs such as mine for treatment suggestions. I’m not offering advice, I’m responding to a blog entry of a long time friend. Please remember to speaking with a knowledgeable person before trying supplements and herbs. You will cause more damage […]

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Abused children, peers and experiences

I was just thinking of the fire incident and thought about the times I got in trouble at school and how that coincided with major abuse issues. Abuse details have been left out. We’re going to start in the 3rd grade, way back in the third grade. I had a messy desk in school. The teacher […]

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Therapy Review: Stability and Connection

A conversation about shoes took us to my school days. We talked about how I went to 15 different schools before graduation. We talked about foster care and homelessness as a child, about culture shock when entering public schools, and about setting my desk on fire my junior year in high school. When we talked […]

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Therapy Review: On a scale of one to ten

Eight. I’m sitting on 8 after having been at a 9 for a few days. That’s the level of depression and suicidality I discussed today with my therapist Dr. D and my psychiatrist Dr. M. The depression stems from the pain but it’s a deep seeded depression. I was at the sink the other day […]