Weeds - Original Art TherapyI paint with my heart and all but bleed on canvas. Painting is a powerful way to release anxiety and thoughts that pound my skull. While art as a whole is therapeutic for me, there are certain pieces that were created specifically as therapy with my psychologist. As I thin out the amount of art in my home, I’d like to make available on a continued basis, some of the art pieces created during my therapy sessions or at a later time.

As I said, art therapy has been one of the most powerful tools in my healing process. I can’t explain to you the relief I feel knowing that some of my abuse memories have lost their sting when I was professionally guided with the tool of art therapy.

In my Etsy shop I will regularly add current and older art therapy pieces set to a price lower than other items.  The art is in no way inferior, its just that it’s purpose is different. I want it in the homes of anyone who wants it, without money being a factor. There’s plenty of other art at full cost. I am not selling myself short.  Art lovers, art collectors, art teachers, art therapists, survivors, whom ever feels a connection, then view the Art Therapy section of my Etsy shop today.

Thank you,