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Beautiful and ugly, strong and fragile

I remember when I discovered that someone had the nerve to put their hands on my sister, that she openly discussed PTSD and the need to remove the stigma from mental health care. I was so angry. Someone had the nerve to touch my sister!!!! That started a whole flood of emotions that ended in […]

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The Perfect Storm – Medical Care and Mental Health

I have issues with idiots. As a matter of fact, I’m allergic to stupid people. They make me itch. I cannot stand stupid people, especially when they’re dripping with it. That GP who was nice one time in a year and a half has gone right back to dripping stupid all over the place! An […]

I'm only human Lupus

Thoughts – Updated

My ears are ringing as though a thousand cicadas cling to my brain. The only other time cicadas were deafening was during the night in Tyler, Texas. I’m worried about how often my pain is out of control. I know this body is resistant to treatment. I hoped for longer with this treatment. updated:I hope […]

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The Man Who Reads Poetry

I used to follow a blog where the blogger read poetry to his readers. I can’t find that blog to save my life. Where are you? I wish more people would read their own poetry or works that touch them. Well, …. maybe I don’t want that. I’d follow a person half across the globe […]

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Sunplay – Waiting on the Rain

You could say I’m ready for spring and summer to come along. When I look at this painting it makes me think of water coming down a window during a hard rain. It washes away the darkest parts of the day and leaves you with a bit of hope. I look at this painting and […]

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Weapons for Depression. Dolphin Sexual Assault.

I’m still struggling with the depression but I’m actively fighting it now. I’m emotional. I’m raw and my fuse can be very short. It gets old apologizing for it, but I will because when the problem is me, it’s me. I’m emotional, sometimes impulsive, opinionated and currently menopausal making me an even greater emotional mess. I feel […]

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Every Breath

Written 2/19/16 Right now I’m rather tired, it’s been a very long day. My uvula swelled, got long and began choking me. It’s funny, I had harsh thoughts about my mother’s COPD but today I was the one who could not breath. My throat and uvula swelled twice, and twice I was rather alarmed when […]

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Rooted Hearts 2 – an Etsy Treasury

This is a part 2 of the Rooted Hearts Etsy treasury. The treasury showcases art, jewelry and vessels created by artists from around the world. Some of the treasury tags you might notice hopefully shows that the treasury is a peaceful, international and uplifting arrangement. This particular arrangement focuses more on artifacts, vessels and jewelry. […]

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Peaceful Memory Courtesy of Crumble Cult

I was on Crumble Cult for a good long time one day and had several belly laughs. It’s just good comics, but one in particular piece reminded me of the train set that belonged to my grandfather. The Crumble Cult creation by Tony Single is called Orange Blossom Special. It shows two lovers play fighting over […]

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Rooted Hearts 1 – an Etsy Treasury

Ah yes, another treasury list on ETSY. This is a two part treasury which includes paintings, jewelry and vessels. There are twenty four pieces in all. Today I’ve opened up part one. Rooted Hearts Double Treasury  Is dedicated to our grandfathers, our roots and our sense of being. For the beautiful woman, for turquoise, bone and […]