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A Look Back at Art Projects

I’ve been updating the galleries here on Sundrip and ran across some art pieces I’ve not seen in a little bit. I thought I’d share some of them with you. Honorable is an art piece that started all the art therapy pieces. I can even remember the assignment and who gave it. I look at […]

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Don’t Forget Me

My physical wounds have healed faster than emotional wounds. There’s a real fear that time will pass, I’ll ‘look better’, and people will forget that on the inside I’m still struggling. When all this first happened and for the entire 5 months, friends leaped to my assistance. I had more visitors than I knew what […]

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Surviving to Eke out Gratitude

Monday was one of the hardest days I’ve had in a while. It started off with nightmares that stayed with me for much of the day. I tried to go back to bed to start over but had yet another nightmare. Then as planned, I got myself together, got on my horse (wheelchair) and left […]

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Therapy Review : Love Me

In my therapy session today we talked about the dream I had just before he called. In the dream I was 47 but in the 2nd grade. I sat as an adult in South Korea with second grade children in class. The teacher taught evolution but one student spoke up to the teacher and class […]

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Not Cut and Dry

I asked you to do the surgery. You said you could or a colleague but I trusted my life in your hands. It felt like there was so much at stake, more to lose than body parts. I can’t explain how afraid I was that I’d throw a blood clot or bleed to death. I […]

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The Brave Face

I’m not brave. I’m not. I’m not rolling with the punches, I’m just getting punched. As I said, I’ve walked through the fire and I’m all burned up. I’m skinny, starving for a moment of real rest, of relief.

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Therapy Review: Control. Gaining confidence.

Today Dr. D and I discussed saying “no” to my mother and the consequences of doing so. My teeth began to chatter. I was rocking back and forth. I had to get a hold of myself. Last night I was in the bedroom and instinctively turned to verify she wasn’t in the doorway but for […]

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Hope and Art

They said if I wear this little patch it’ll help; it does. My Face My Art – The invisible illness becomes visible. It’s as clear as the art on my face. The three art pieces used in this addition of “My Face My Art” are: (drum roll please)

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Not Your Problem Girl

I’m not your Problem Girl anymore. And no, I’m not Silent anymore. Digital art by fma

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A hard time with the words “I love you”

I’m still awake. I was saying a prayer before bed where I talked to God about how hard it is to say I love you even to him. I have a hard time hearing others say, “I love you.” Most of the time terms of endearment irritate the snot out of me. Hun, sweetie, yuck! […]