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I’m not afraid of the crawl

Sometimes things get so messed up in my head. I see stuff out of the side of my eye, something running fast. When I turn my head it’s already gone. I forget my hands are mine, they don’t even seem to belong to me. It’s like I’m sitting there and suddenly there’s a hand but […]

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She Brings Home the Light

She’s long. Her body and imagination stretch far, farther than anyone expected. Flowers bloom around her in every known species. Flourishing are the petals of delicate purple flowers, blooms of soft blue, golden sun yellow and soothing buttercup. She is wrapped in the color of the rainbow and holds in her hand a shining star, […]

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Seeing what’s in the distance

An owl’s sight is superior to humans because it can see past the nose on it’s face. It can scan an area and see from multiple angles, so why can’t we? Its ears are primed for ultimate hearing, hearing that will give it better perspective. Why can’t we listen to more than the old tapes […]

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Wild Things

Redbubble is currently offering free standard shipping to United States for all orders over US$40.00. As of 9/24/17 this offer is still available. The inspiration for the painting came from watching a movie where a famous D.H. Lawrence quote was spoken. “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop […]

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Still She Sleeps-The Girl Who Lost Her Bird

Wake her. I can’t wake her. A trance so simple to employ has held her captive these many years. Wake her. I can’t wake her. Smelling salts, the promise of every good apple, a song pleasant to the ears, a hand soft on her face. I have pledged my life to pour out water that […]

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Shame and Chronic Illness

I posted a new art piece called The Last Lullaby but I didn’t want to talk too much about how difficult it was to get through that art piece. I felt ashamed and embarrassed by the chronic illnesses that were the driving force behind the art. I was a little more open here on the blog, […]

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The Last Lullaby Original Painting

This was another painting that was very difficult to photograph. I did the best I could. This painting called The Last Lullaby was started in 2015 when I was bed bound due to Lupus and Fibromyalgia. It was one of the worst years ever but I painted all through it and I painted in bed. […]

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The Resilience Tree

She’s not hanging on, she’s the reason the white tree limbs sprouts and spreads about. She holds her hands up to the sun and grabs a hold of it. And explosion of turquoise and navy blue begin to circle the sun, but it all leads back to her, the figure hanging there so effortlessly. Her […]

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Some of the Best

Some of my best memories are of me laying on my belly, on a boat, watching the sun set. There were other people aboard but I shut them out. It was just me, words and the painted sky. Some of the most peaceful and soulful memories played out by a window, in a jazz club […]

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Snapshot Original Abstract Painting

I showed a friend a photo of this painting and her first response was, wow, there’s a lot in there. She commented that there were images from corner to corner. I said, yeah, not a single corner left without a mark or image. I then added, it’s like a snapshot of my brain. That’s how […]