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Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

The waters are untroubled. I’ve got nothing to report, really. I’ve been hanging around the house, still in pj bottoms. My hair is unkempt. I’m rockin’ homeless style dreads right now. Gotta do something about that soon or people might walk up to me and give me money….. that’s an idea.. let my dreads get really bad […]

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Snapshot Original Abstract Painting

I showed a friend a photo of this painting and her first response was, wow, there’s a lot in there. She commented that there were images from corner to corner. I said, yeah, not a single corner left without a mark or image. I then added, it’s like a snapshot of my brain. That’s how […]

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Mama, You Once Where

I was on facebook promoting my new art piece when I ran across a little video that made me burst into tears. It’s HER, it’s always HER! My mother has Alzheimer’s. She wasn’t always the person I saw a few years ago. She was tall, 5’11. Her hair was long and had big curls in […]

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It’s All Black and White

For a girl who uses a lot of color, I’ve discovered quite a few art pieces that are in black and white. Many are casual sketches created while listening to music. This is certainly the case with the three drawing series called Strings. I like these abstracts because you can turn them whatever way you’d […]

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Face Turned Down. Physical Therapy Woes

June 21st, 2016 11:56 pm EST My face is turned down, I can feel it. The sides of my mouth feel tugged towards the floor with little or no resistance. Thirty minutes ago my stress level was too high. I started talking myself down. Relax. Everything you need is right here, you just need to […]

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A Mother’s Rules of Combat – My Desperate Heart

Not having a television means I don’t have to sit through commercials about how I should love, appreciate and buy something for my father. YouTube pushes commercials but so far I’ve not been hammered by these things too much. It seems though, Father’s Day has gotten under my skin and played out a bit in […]

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A Mother’s Rules of Combat – Conditioning. Healing.

………I missed out on knowing you, your mother, your aunts. I remember visiting your sister once. My mother took us there, I believe to scare us. It was dark outside when we arrived, it was dark inside her house except for the dim glow from a light over the sink in the kitchen. I remember […]

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I draw trees

A simple black and white tree with branches that reach wide, up and out open to color or satisfied with where he is at this stage of being. A simple black and white tree ever growing, keeping his arms open to freedom and possibilities. Will it bloom pink flowers or produce fruit in its season? […]

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Living With Multiple Personality Disorder

I’m old school, diagnosed in 1992 so I still call it MPD as well as Dissociative Identity Disorder. What ever you wish to call it one thing remains true – I’m not alone in my head. The reason I’m writing today is because I visited a young woman who reminded me of how difficult it […]

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One. Forward.

There is only one thing I desire today and that is self care. It’s Friday, that means there are a lot of one’s to be counted. These are not all in order. One woman, one foot spa with fresh lavender and Epsom’s salt. One square of 90% dark chocolate, one glass of red wine. One […]